Bag of Bones - Single Release (w/ Bonus Material)

by Greater Alexander



What if you were given a prolific ability to create songs but you realize that with the way things currently are in the system that you work with, that you will inevitably die before finishing what you hear?

I am working on recording 200+ works in this lifetime and I am caught in a dilemma.

This song was created alongside a video that took 2 years to make.
Beginning on December 31st 2012 I shaved my head and beard and compiled video footage of 200 days of singing the same song everyday while aging. It is a video signifying how fast time passes here on earth and how unaware we are of how we as a human species are treating our bodies. The video also shows the underrated value of 200 streams to get $1 on Spotify and even less on YouTube (around $.35)

Consider watching the video on YouTube and becoming a Patron of Greater art.

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2:35 x 200 = 8.61 hours

Bonus Material:
*Download this track and get the very first unedited Sound Dream song data log of when I first recorded the idea on February 8th, 2012 12:24AM.

*You'll also get extra unreleased album covers to choose from as well as additional video footage.

Thank you for your continued support while I try and gather revenue to complete the forthcoming album.

In honor of Daniel Ottney who recently passed away February 26th, 2015.


released February 17, 2015

Voices/Guitars/Pianos/Chicken Bones/Coffee Beans: Alexander Vlachos
Additional Percussion: Matt Heim and Justin Lawes

Produced by: Alexander Vlachos
Mixed and Mastered by: Jeff Dittenber
Font and Photography by: Joel Grothaus
Final Design Editing: Phil Selander

Filming: Alexander Vlachos
Production Editing/Animation Fonts: Ian Sigmon
Cover Fonts: Joe Ficorelli



all rights reserved


Greater Alexander Detroit, Michigan

Born in Binghamton, New York and raised in Athens, Greece, Alexander Vlachos (known as singer-songwriter Greater Alexander) is an Alumnus of Wayne State University with a degree in Music and a Co-Major in International Studies. His parents heavily played artists like Cat Stevens and Simon and Garfunkel around the house while growing up. ... more


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Track Name: Bag of Bones - Acoustic Version
There are days where you don’t feel like coming home
There are ways that you make yourself feel so alone

There are days where you feel like you’re a bag of bones
Feeling so alone, when you’re not alone

do do do do do do do do do do do do do do X13
do do do do do do X5

You find yourself inside your self indulgence
You don’t know how to live in your bag of bones
You keep asking the same questions saying ‘what’s the answer?’
But there is no answer without an invitation

do do do do do do do do do do do do do do X13
do do do do do do X5

Somedays, you feel so alone, you feel so alone
Somedays, no you’re not alone, know you’re not alone.