Spilled Love

by Greater Alexander

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This is a Greater Alexander prequel album to the forthcoming record 'Let Love In'. Purchasing this album helps fund the release of an album that has been the main focus of creation since the release of Positive Love. There are 36 songs on this album. Each song signifies one year of living. This album was recorded between the months of March through July 2016.

This Album is dedicated to the honor of inspiring friendships that have left the world too soon: for Aaron Fenton, Eric Moss, Daniel Houser and Daniel Ottney

View the single release video of 'Remember the Day Before Birth' created by Alexander Joseph​ Coulter. The song was recorded on the same day at Assemble Sound: bit.ly/Remember_GA

I'm searching for ten thousand greater supporters to share the music that I create.

If you truly want an in-depth look and journey at my craft, support me on Patreon. www.patreon.com/greateralexander

You can listen to my story and a preview of the songs through a podcast by Cedar Cathedral: www.cedarcathedral.com#/cc7/

Sharing and purchasing my songs gives emotional support and shows me that you care.

This album is dedicated to those who continuously give from the depths of the heart but forget to hold onto enough energy for the self. As I age each year in this lifetime, I am a witness to seeing just how easily one get can taken advantage of. The process of creating these songs came from a near death experience in the form of car crash in March 2016 and was created out of cleansing after becoming heightened in a deeply hurt psychological state. The crash revealed and opened deeper wounds of childhood trauma that I had been working on. I have also been comprehending that the dysfunctional relationships I had been in were mostly formed out of codependent betrayal bonds, covertly narcissistic, and had a stockholm syndrome nature to them. Physical pain is a way to reveal, comprehend and work through the deeper suffering endured within.

The songs are a collection of seeded piano works that I started writing when I was coming in tune with my songs in early 2010. Almost losing my younger sister was a great lesson that mirrored a deeper pain that I had within myself. For most of my life, I had ignored the healing power of my music. After listening to other people in my life telling me, ' Oh, you're a musician, what's your other job?' shifted my awareness that I would never make an obtainable living through music alone. After working 30+ different jobs, I've come to understand that I've been holding back my ability to create because others told me that it was not possible. Practicing meditation daily, losing weight, and eating more whole based foods woke me up to how lost and codependent on others I was. The songs are titled from imprinted memories that I felt while opening the seeds of the songs to look at the sound of the memory within. Some imprints felt more personal and some felt universal. Currently, I find that each new morning gives a new choice to peel a layer off and step into feeling more comfortable and connected to the true self. I noticed that there were fragments of myself that were severely psychologically damaged from my past and it has always been up to me to walk through the shut doors that had cluttered containers behind them. These containers needed to be rearranged to lay positioned properly through every corner and imprint of my mind. Spilled love is the beginning of a renewed, cleansed and sealed container towards unraveling the greater part of myself. We are all unique flowers in budding states. May this album help you unravel the mysterious essence you've kept locked away within you.

Greater Supporters:
My father and mother and brothers and sisters for patiently guiding me towards my own path of least resistance, Tom and Patty Giftos and family for continuously supporting me to create music and inspire, James and Jim 'Doc' Hayosh for giving me awareness and creating spaces where I can go to expand my thoughts, Kiera Laike for her knowing and remembering of Sensology that has helped me immensely to bring my essence back into me, Robert Lewanski for his comprehension in the combination of the Chinese Five Element System and Ayurveda to help bring my body in tune with the proper foods to eat, Melanie Tonia Evans, Ross Rosenberg, Lisa A. Romano, and Meredith Marie Miller for helping me understand that people that psychologically harm you are mirroring something much deeper that you haven't revealed to release within yourself, Commonwealth Cafe and the whole work crew, Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters, Anthology Coffee, Hyperion Coffee, Lisa Spindler for her endless support in allowing me to create in a space that calms and inspires my soul, Brantley Vosler for his insurmountable love and open arms towards my creations, Martha Rickerby for being a guide towards helping me at a time where I was struggling greatly, Marlayna Schoen for her help and guidance towards working through the physical struggles, Gary Bartle for his understanding through writings, Anthony and Clair Hendershot, Rob Reinhart at Acoustic Cafe, Mark Sims for his consistent support and guidance towards understanding that there is a greater connection of oneness that we have been trying to connect with, The Steigerwald Family and Bird Creek Farms, Rob Cousineau and Chris Rosik of Get Super Rad, Ian Sigmon, Christian Lathers, Alex Coulter, Joshua Jouppi, Theo Ferrin, Adam Bridgewater, Phil Selander and Joel Grothaus for their visionary input towards creating with photography, art and videos, Kevin Briski and Leonard Williams for their ears towards fine tuning the pianos I recorded with, Patrick Doig and the Southfield Family Sauna for all his support towards providing a haven for healing the mind and body, Seth Anderson, Nicole Churchill and Garrett Kohler at Assemble Sound for providing a place that I can now call a new home to create in, Bob Mervak for being warm hearted and constantly showing me how much he believes in the creation of my music through his creative insight, and to past and present relationships for being the messengers that have brought up deeper wounds to help heal myself.

Spilled Love tells the story of a glimpse of my upbringing with childhood trauma and dysfunctional relationships in the form of piano and wordless chorus. I've come to learn that things that come into my life are a message to reveal something hidden, to peel back a layer to feel the truth within. I've come to learn about energy and motion these past few years and have started to learn how to release internal traps within me. Each song helped me formulate and unravel an emotional missing piece of internal imagery that I was not seeing along with healing the physical altercations I've come across since the crash.

May this album help you seek and find the internal images that you feel you struggle comprehending to want to reveal and heal within your life.


released August 18, 2016

Greater Creators:
Each song was written, recorded, produced and engineered on 5 different Pianos within a 4-5 hour time span by Alexander Vlachos except where listed. The songs created for this album were a collection of piano demos first recorded between 2010-2015 with the exception of 'Spiraling after taking a blow to the heart' written on the lullaby theme 'Hush, Little Baby' about a month after experiencing a severe the near death car crash experience.

Greater Performances:
Gongs and chimes 'Every Moment Becomes Endless Expression' and 'Walking on Eggshells, While Surrounded by Thornbushes' by Valerie Weir
Assemble Sound Bell on 'Every Moment Becomes Endless Expression' by Alexander Vlachos
Bass on 'Providing Inward Creations, Seeking Outward Horizons' and 'Calm as Revolving Open Doors' by Alexander Vlachos
Wurlitzer/Organ on 'Walking on Eggshells, While Surrounded by Thornbushes' by Alexander Vlachos
Synth programming on the 'Silence is Here To Save You' by Alexander Vlachos
Additional synth programming on 'Spilled Love' by Steve Saputo
Piano performance on 'Bag of Bones', 'Battles' and 'Depleted of Photon Light' by Bob Mervak

All songs mixed and mastered by Zach Shipps And Alexander Vlachos except 'Remember the day before Birth' mixed by Jeff Dittenber and Zach Shipps, 'Calm as Open Doors' mixed by Zach Shipps and Ambrose Yu, 'Spilled Love' mixed by Steve Saputo and Zach Shipps

Majority of live recordings created in the Detroit area at Assemble Sound and Spindler Project, Grace Church in Ann Arbor, RV Audio Lab in Ferndale, and Bob Mervak's home and my recording studios in Southfield.

Studios to Visit:
RV Audio Lab: www.facebook.com/rvaudiolab/
Assemble Sound: www.assemblesound.com
Spindler Project: www.spindlerproject.com

Understanding Sensology:
Energetic Development: www.energeticdevelopment.org

Internal Understanding and Trauma comprehension books:
-Soul Orientation: The Dance of Reflective Relationship by Kiera D. Laike IRW
-Healing the Shame that Binds You by John Bradshaw
-The Drama of the Gifted Child: The Search for the True Self by Alice Miller
-The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma
by Bessel van der Kolk M.D.
- The Human Magnet Syndrome: Why We Love People Who Hurt Us
by Ross Rosenberg
- Deep Work by Cal Newport

Narcissistic/Codependent abuse comprehension sites:
- www.johnbradshaw.com
- humanmagnetsyndrome.com
- www.melanietoniaevans.com
- innerintegration.mykajabi.com
- www.lisaaromano.com

Album Cover Photography: © 2016 by Lisa Spindler

Center Polaroid Photography taken by: John Ryan Brubaker

Artwork collage created by: Alexander Vlachos

This album could not have been made possible without continuous support.
Support me on Patreon www.patreon.com/greateralexander

Greater Patreon Supporters who supported prior to this release:
Jason Stewart, Jeff Wenzel, John Struman, Stephen Garcia, Andrew Ahrendt, Tim Henley, Justin Lawes, Latisha Jewell, Dale Prentiss, Andru Bemis, Victor Long, Cat Clymer, Justin Pletzke, Elizabeth Reisig

Early Greater supporters:
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Pre-Order Digital: Jill Benard, Ian Sigmon, Laura Meyer, Charles Steen, Sean Nasrey, Alison Barnes, Jonathon Smith, Majed Hamadeh, Andrew Bemis, Luca Juuhl, Heather Cook, Alexander Coulter, Lindsay Marciniec
Pre-Order CD: John Struman, Brennan Vandekerckhove
Pre-Order Vinyl: Noel Jackson

(Early Greater supporters. Name listed for the ones who supported prior to August 18th, 2016 9:11pm)

Songs are available for non-exclusive licensing for Podcasts, Film, Commercial or personal videos, Private Videos, Wedding Videos, Non-Profit Company Videos for permission, contact Greater Records Publishing at Greaterrecords@gmail.com

You can listen to my story and a preview of the songs through a podcast by Cedar Cathedral: www.cedarcathedral.com#/cc7/

© and ℗ 2016 Greater Records, LLC
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Greater Alexander Detroit, Michigan

Born in Binghamton, New York and raised in Athens, Greece, Alexander Vlachos (known as singer-songwriter Greater Alexander) is an Alumnus of Wayne State University with a degree in Music and a Co-Major in International Studies. His parents heavily played artists like Cat Stevens and Simon and Garfunkel around the house while growing up. ... more


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